Barriers to Love

06 July 2024

Whatever is in your heart that is not clean, not true, will ultimately begin to act like a wall, obstructing the natural flow of love. People who say that there is no love in their life, are being blocked by this wall. Actually there is love, but they just can’t accept it.

Ego is the clearest example of this. Ego limits the flow of love by placing conditions on the love you give and receive. Ego uses love to satisfy its own needs and desires. It produces a love which is deceptive, one which brings only temporary satisfaction. Ego does not allow you to experience true love or share it. If fact, ego is capable of destroying your ability to feel love altogether.

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Ty Albee
10 years ago

Very spot on; “ego is capable of destroying your ability to feel love altogether.” I, myself, relate all too well to this truth. I also relate to once you realise, however this realisation comes to you–instataneously, like a volcanic eruption is the awakening of the heart!

luigi sidoli
luigi sidoli
8 years ago

very true

9 months ago

True. How to overcome these barriers of love though?


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