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Solutions to problems

In order to find solutions to problems, it is important to improve the quality of my thinking. I need to calm my mind by creating peaceful thoughts. The first thing that follows is that problems stop affecting me. I am able to think more clearly, which brings about a solution.

Increase Happiness

The more good wishes and kind feelings we have for others, the more our own happiness increases.

Higher Thinking

Just as the highest tower needs a deep foundation, so too our higher thinking is based on going deep within.

Smile sweetly

When we smile sweetly from the heart and then speak to others, not only do their hearts become happy, but our hearts also become happy.

Trust In Others

Trust in others wins co-operation from them. To have faith in others also means reinforcing other people’s faith in themselves. This naturally increases their self-confidence and creates enthusiasm. Then they become better able to respond to positive feelings and access their full potential. If I notice someone I work with is not co-operating with me…


Some of us spend our lives watching others doing and achieving, and from these images we build such high expectations of our own life, and then sit around feeling utterly powerless in our attempts to meet these expectations. That powerlessness becomes hopelessness and hopelessness becomes depression. If we can just see this process and release…

Heart’s Call

There is a voice within which occasionally gets our attention and tries to remind us of how good and beautiful we are. It calls us from a time long ago when we first arrived for our journey in and through time and space. Those first moments were filled with pure joy, pure play, pure adventure.…

Unconditionally Accept

We all find occasion to reject and resist another person. We all like to put up a fight against anything we dislike on the evening news as we spectate the world. But we forget that when we decide we will resist something or somebody, either mentally or physically, we only empower the object of our…

Just Like a Tea Bag

Just like a tea bag colours the water with flavour and fragrance when you put it into hot water, in the same way, the next time you’re in ‘hot water,’ be like a tea bag and colour your world with positive attitude and action. That is, allow the situation to bring out the best in…


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