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When ‘i’ is replaced with ‘we’ even illness becomes wellness.


Self-control is not about suppressing emotions or tolerating the pressure of circumstances. Self-control is to be the creator of your thoughts and feelings, to be creative and find new answers. This helps you to remain calm and cool.

The Illusion Of Dependency

The more a person depends on a pattern of thinking, a particular person or a particular role, the more there is fear of loss. The security created by dependence is illusion. The reality of life is that anything external to ourselves can, at any time, vanish. What will we do then? Where is our life’s…

Love and discipline

To be balanced means doing the right thing at the right time. It is the ability to use the head and the heart simultaneously. It is the ability to enjoy love and discipline in equal measure.

Garden of Your Mind

The most important part of you is your mind (not your brain – the brain is the hardware and the mind creates the software). Care for your mind, make friends with it, always feed it healthy food, engage it in positive activity, exercise it with knowledge and wisdom. Like a garden returns fragrance and beauty…

Enjoy Every Moment

Do you remember to enjoy every moment of each day? Every day is important and valuable. Realise that each passing moment  is the most important moment. Life is made up of millions of moments. The quality moments are those when the soul is focused, alert and in the present, yet very few moments are lived…

It is said that rest is best

Imagine an ocean of peace and silence and plunge into it. Let your mind relax and enjoy moments of tranquillity. Free yourself from wasteful thoughts. This is the best type of rest.

Original Peace

It is not necessary to search for peace. It is within. Your original state is one of peace. External situations will pull you away from your peace. If, that is, you let them. Internal feelings can also pull you away. Tiredness, for example, leads to irritability. Learn to be in charge of yourself and maintain…

Deep Sleep

Ignorance is like a deep sleep in which you dream you are still awake. It is a disease of humanity. The human soul forgets who it belongs to and starts reacting without referring to spiritual values.


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