01 December 2023

First of all, understand discontentment. Discontent is caused by a constant multiplication of desires. One desire leads to another until there’s never a moment when you feel fulfilled. Desires are like traps. Because of endless desires relationships have become very fragile. There is a lot of irritability and anger due to:

  • Selfish attachments (to possessions and people)
  • Pride (attachment to a particular image of the self)

When there is discontentment, the heart can never be still because wasteful, negative thoughts destroy peace.

Contentment is the result of spiritual awareness which allows you to recognise negativity. It changes your pattern of thinking. As you tap your huge inner potential, all desires are fulfilled and you regain your peace.

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Anne Carr
Anne Carr
7 years ago

Before I acquired a spiritual awareness, I was constantly discontented and was always striving to find the next thing. I was always searching for something more and was never content with what I had. Today, I have gratitude of what I have got in my life and strive to help others, which takes the emphasis away from myself. My life is significantly improved and I now have peace and contentment.


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