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Thoughts have great power, they are like seeds you plant in your mind.

The more you hold onto a particular thought, the more power you invest in it. Positive thoughts give us energy and strength. Negative thoughts rob us of power and make us feel tired and strained.

We are by nature positive. Negativity is the result of faulty thinking. You can change if you want to. You can’t control other people, situation or circumstances, but you can control what is going on inside you. It takes time to change and transform those old patterns of thinking.

Be patient with yourself. It starts with a thought….. Today!

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Your attitude creates the atmosphere

Your attitude is the result of the way you think and feel. You communicate your attitude constantly with those around you. Create a positive attitude, filled with good feelings, and even just your presence will do wonders in situations.

Benefitting others

If someone is doing something wrong, instead of risking your peace by raising complaints in your mind, ask yourself “What can I do to benefit that person?”

Ignorance makes you believe that life happens haphazardly

Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from a seed planted in the past. Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the...

Peace is simplicity. Simplicity is beauty

Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Do something incognito and nice for a person you are close to. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything – just walk, look around, live the moment....


Reading or listening to something good everyday will keep my mind healthy and happy. Thinking good thoughts over helps me to remember what I have heard. Then I become so healthy that when difficult situations come my way I have the inner strength to face them.


Patience teaches us to sow the seed in the form of right actions and to allow the fruits of those actions to ripen in their own time. I don’t need to think about the future benefits of what I do now, because I know I will receive what I need when the time is...