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Thoughts have great power, they are like seeds you plant in your mind.

The more you hold onto a particular thought, the more power you invest in it. Positive thoughts give us energy and strength. Negative thoughts rob us of power and make us feel tired and strained.

We are by nature positive. Negativity is the result of faulty thinking. You can change if you want to. You can’t control other people, situation or circumstances, but you can control what is going on inside you. It takes time to change and transform those old patterns of thinking.

Be patient with yourself. It starts with a thought….. Today!

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Learning to enjoy the present moment and give my best, no matter  what the situation, protects me from becoming jaded by life. If when my stamina begins to diminish I remind myself to enjoy whatever I do and pour love into every task, then my energy will be...

Heroic Behaviour

The main quality of a hero is courage – not a reckless bravado, full of impulse and ambition,  but a quiet, introspective courage. In that quietness, the hero is able to discern and then decide on a particular course of action. He might see that it is better to let go...

Mindful Moments

Most of us are of sound mind, but many of us have trouble maintaining a note of harmony and peace. Most of us know how to think, but few of us are able to control our thoughts. We all have the capacity to be creative, to image new ideas, but few of us are able to do...

The Best in Someone

When someone’s not at their best, notice the best in them. How? Ask yourself: What’s the one quality I appreciate in this person? What small success have I noticed this person have today? Notice the successes and qualities, however small. Keep these in your mind every...

Criticizing is an attack on another’s creation.

It could be their idea or their behaviour that is triggering your habit of disapproval. It just  means you are attached to your ideas, your way, your ideals. Or you want to stop them getting ahead because you are attached to a picture of your being the frontrunner in...


Protecting my sense of optimism is the best  way to remain cheerful. I can do this by starting the day with meditation to pour light and love into the scenes I am likely to find ahead of me that day. And then if I keep touching base with God’s mind and His benevolent...